A watched bank account never accumulates


I’ve just realised I actually have a non-trivial bank balance. Nothing that would be categorised as well-off – heck, in this area I’m still practically destitute – but my point being that, when I was trying to pay off my car, every fortnight seemed so long… I was counting the dollars, estimating dates, trying to budget (pfft, like I can reign myself in 😀 ), and so on… and now that I’m not saving for anything in particular, I haven’t really been paying attention and suddenly it’s like my birthday & christmas combined!

If my tax return actually comes back as planned, once they figure out what they’re doing with it, then I’ll pretty much be set for any travel plans I could conceivably make – well, short of getting out of Egypt, still, but point given…

And it’s not like I haven’t been pilfering my gains. Yesterday I bought Bryce 6. Mainly for nostalgia – I doubt I’ll find the time to actually use it, but hey, it was grand back in the day. And I’m still throwing regular amounts at the iTMS, and just bought new RAM for my iMac (2 GiB, it turns out, is ever so slightly not enough… though it was close)…

Though actually now that I back-of-the-napkin it, it’d still take me something like nine months to pay off my HECS debt, if I so choose to. Ah, that’s better, now I feel poor again.

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