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Well, I’m finally moved in properly; the desk arrived, was setup, along with my other furniture, and I’ve started to populate them all. It turns out I have more books than I realised; I need another bookcase already. 🙂

It’s somewhat surprising how long it takes to move everything. It was always a fair bit faster back at uni since I took less stuff with me, and had all the furniture already. It took many hours to assemble all the furniture. After building the bookcase I realised I can’t disassemble it without destructing portions of it, which somewhat defeats the purpose of buying kit furniture. :/

But it’s good; I like it. I’m a little cramped – there’s still stuff in boxes in cupboards and whatnot – but mostly things fit nicely.

Tomorrow I fly out to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech career fair on Monday – agreeing to do even just one of these things gets your name a list somewhere, and they never forget. 😉 It should be good, though no doubt exhausting… hopefully not so much as last year, which was the busiest I’ve ever been to (on a personal basis; it’s not the busiest in an absolute sense – that would probably be NSBE).

But that’s my weekend done, now, basically.

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