Why I wanted to intern at Apple

I just found this while reviewing some very old backups. Like most things of this ancient era, I’d completely forgotten about it, so it’s been fascinating to look back – as if in the 3rd person – at my younger, far away self. I don’t recall why exactly, but evidently I had to write some … Read more

Hockey and Gym

So, I went to the gym this morning and signed up, all shiny and proper. Signing up just involved a blood pressure and heart rate test, to make sure I wasn’t about to die on them, and a tour of the facility. It’s pretty nice – a whole range of equipment, and a whole variety … Read more

Bug Crusher Extraordinaire

Today was a good day. I actually got some good work done today, at work, and squished a quite interesting bug. I ended up hanging around an extra few hours to do so, but it was worth it. I had a great ride home as a result – a real high. :) I also had … Read more

First Day

So, first day today. Very cool. I think I’ll like this job. :) Sadly, that’s all I’m going to say about work itself. Confidentiality and all that. :( This morning was fun… I set my alarm for 7, but forgot, as it turns out, to actually turn it on. So, I woke up at 7:30… … Read more

So we’re here now

Right, time to do a proper entry. Now that I’ve munched down on Lilo & Stitch and had my obligatory orange juice, I can now begin the long wait for the ice to melt off the exits so I can venture outside. Okay, so it’s not really that cold, as in ice forming, but it’s … Read more

Ich bin ein Cupertino…er.

Yep, got here at last… details will be forthcoming tomorrow, as I’m too tired now to write anything coherent. For the moment, amaze yourself with photos of my apartment, courtesy of Google Maps (tinkerable version):