“I can still drive, I just can’t hit anything”


My car insurance got cancelled last week. Hooray. The reason being that the necessary people apparently never got the copy of my drivers’ license I sent forever ago. They were kind enough to give me all of about four days notice. I sent it off again, and this time confirmed they’d received it, but they cancelled it anyway.

So I’ve now asked them to reinstate it, having found out only on Monday that they really had cancelled it – I’d assumed, given I’d spoken to them and confirmed they now had all the info they required, it would all have been sorted. Ha.

But they’ve said that probably won’t happen before Thursday, if at all. Nice.

So, I’m going to run out of water by Thursday, and on the food front I’m down to a can of Spagosaurus and a pair of fish-cubes (kind of like frozen fish, except rectangular spam-like blobs… awesomely uninspiring to look at, but nonetheless tasty). The situation is indeed grim… I’m trying to save that Spagosaurus for a special occasion. 😀

And then, with some bizarre sense of cosmic humour, today I got a $6 refund on the cancellation fee they apparently already charged me, unbeknownst to me. It’s the gift that keeps on giving..

Why do insurance companies suck so?

1,000 and counting


My car rolled over 1,000 miles on Wednesday. My bike got a nice giant nail in it, again, earlier in the week and I’ve been busy each night and haven’t gotten around to fixing it. I do have a spare tube, but that still has a hole in it from one of the previous encounters with sharp metal objects, so… grrr.

Anyway, I’ve been driving to work, which has reminded me both that traffic here sucks, and that I don’t like driving short distances. I like the feel of cruising out in big open spaces, not dodging retards determined to get to work 1.73 seconds faster at the mere cost of my life.

Wait, I know this


Today I nipped out from work for a bit in the afternoon to waltz on down to the DMV for my driving test. I wasn’t too worried about it – perhaps too little so, as I didn’t even think to really revise the road rules book until about two hours beforehand. I did, though I don’t think it made a difference. The test was pretty straight forward – drive around for ten minutes, don’t hit anything, and see how you went.

I passed, to cut to the chase. I lost 13 points; 15 being the limit for a pass. I think it was out of 60, from memory. It was a bit rough, though, as half of those points were for the same thing over and over again – not looking for psychotic American drivers trying to pass illegally on the left-hand side in a turning island. Yeah, you get that soooo often in normal driving. :/

But I passed, nonetheless, so I have a nice and shiny… er… scrap of.. paper… .. d’oh. For whatever reason they don’t actually provide you with your license there and then… but then I can’t remember how it was with my licenses in Australia; maybe that was the same.

Anyway, right now my car is filled with temporary paper – hand-written insurance form (which the DMV nearly didn’t accept), temporary license, still no license plates – they take six to eight weeks to arrive, apparently… I know there’s a 30-day leeway period after a private sale before you’re required to get plates, but, I’ve also heard that it really doesn’t matter whether you have them or not. Some cars don’t… lots don’t have a front number plate, just a back one; in California I think you’re only required to have a rear number plate.

But anyway, that’s all good, so I’m now all cosy resident and whatnot.. I did note though that I didn’t have to get a Californian license – if you’re a resident alien you can use your home country’s license indefinitely, provided you don’t “assume the responsibilities of a citizen” or some crap; i.e. vote, and whatnot. Which I didn’t think I could do anyway… but, whatever. 😀