Adobe Photoshop Lightroom doesn’t support Adobe Photoshop files

I need a ‘facepalm’ category apparently.  There’s been a lot of that lately. You cannot import, let-alone work on, Photoshop files (“PSB” file extension) in Lightroom.  It flat-out doesn’t support them.  That’s such a weird limitation & oversight, for a program that Adobe now officially names ‘Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’. See also this six year old … Read more

Rotated Windows

I’d forgotten about this until I stumbled across a reference to it again recently. This was a little hack I worked on back in 2004, with Mac OS X Tiger (10.4).  Yes, kids, macOS was called Mac OS X back in ye Olden Times. Wow, Slashdot looked even uglier than I remember, back then.  Though … Read more

Flinging poo in Swift

Thanks to one of the genuine upsides of Swift, full Unicode support in the compiler itself, you can do: enum EmojiErrors: Error { case 💩 } let 💩 = EmojiErrors.💩 Finally you can express yourself honestly within your program: throw(💩) Or, if you prefer to be polite & British about it: func flinging<E: Error>(_ error: … Read more

Photo gallery services

I recently needed to find a photo gallery service, as though I put my personal & favourite work on Flickr, I don’t necessarily want to mix in other photography I do, plus Flickr makes it irrationally difficult to control access to photos (specifically, to arbitrary people or groups thereof). I also wanted, ideally, something that … Read more

Papa’s got a brand new bag [of strings]

While wandering Haight Street yesterday with my parents I nipped into a music store there and, finally, grabbed some new strings for my guitar. After what seemed like hours fighting with the damn thing, I got them on. More or less. I’m pretty sure my technique is whacked, but it appears to work. More or … Read more

Downside, upside

My guitar has been sitting beside the desk here for weeks now, and while I have occasionally picked it up to play the entire five bars I can remember, it was hopelessly out of tune and until last night I hadn’t gotten around to tuning it. Seeing as how I’d completely forgotten how to tune … Read more