Driveways are not a worthwhile principle

For the last week or two the neighbours on one side have been parking slightly into my driveway, so that they can try to squeeze two cars into theirs.  At first this irked me a little, but I didn’t dwell on it.  Tonight I pulled in and then straightened up ’til I was uncomfortably close to them [for them; their driver’s side against my passengers’].

The thought crossed my mind “ha, serves them right”.  Then I paused and thought, “wait, why do I care?”.  I’m going to park unnecessarily close to them for what, the principle of the thing?  Why?

I realised that it’s not a worthwhile principle.  Regardless of whether I choose to view it as charitable or not, there’s just no reason why I can’t park over slightly more.

I’m pretty happy with myself.  Too often I get fixated on the principles underlying petty issues, and don’t apply a sufficient level of pragmatism.

Dear Exercise, … I don’t know how to say this, but I think I missed you…


Three weekends ago I went for a ride for the first time in, well, rather a long time. My intention was to head west and see how far I got, which turned out to be work. I’d forgotten how annoying the wind in your face is.

The next weekend I made it further, up to the intersection of Stevens Creek and Foothills Boulevard. The hill just before that nearly killed me… it really felt like I was about to have a heart attack, though I still gave myself kudos for making it up there in one shot. I had to rest at the top for a good ten minutes before riding home.

And last weekend just gone, I didn’t ride anywhere. :/ The weather was sunny but cool – I don’t think it topped 20°. I can never understand that about here… anyway, that was rather a poor excuse, but, I consoled myself with the promise that I’d go to the gym on Monday.

See, Steve, Erick & I went to see ‘Penelope’ last… Wednesday? I dunno.. anyway, after that, while scoffing ice cream at Baskins & Robins – we’re going to have to start going to Saratoga cinemas more often, rather than Wolfe 😀 – we all reminisced about better days when we were super fit… *BRRRRP* well… pretty fit *BRRRRP* in decent shape *BRRRRP* slightly rotund *BRRRRP* bearing a striking resemblance to baby hippopotamuses.. *BING*. Right. So, we said, hey, let’s all go to the gym together starting on Monday. Done!

Unfortunately Erick didn’t know about the necessary orientation and intro physical that’s required, so, he won’t be joining us ’till maybe Wednesday night. But Steve & I went tonight. And it was good. The new machines are all fancy and shiny, and have TVs built in – so I got to watch most of an episode of Big Band Theory without sound 😀 – and best of all, I was able to do 90 minutes of low-level cardio without keeling over. That surprised me, especially given the aforementioned bike ride.

I’m a little sore as a result, though nothing that a good night’s sleep won’t rectify, and I think I’ll finally get back into the habit. At least for week days.

Alas it’s been so long since I used any of the weights machines, and they’ve all been upgraded to boot, that I can’t recall how most of them work. I’ll have to have a quick remedial lesson before I can get back into them.

It’s good to be back into it. Especially now that I’ve taken to keeping our lab stocked with Tim Tams and Mint Slice. 😀

Also, those yellow banana shaped things. They’re apparently orange and peanut-shapped here, and called Circus Peanuts, though I’m yet to see them. I like them. 🙂

Oh yeah, that happiness thing


Yikes… I’d completely forgotten about this little “In the pursuit of” thread I started months ago. I figure I should kick-start it again… it seemed to be having positive effects while I was doing it. And since my life’s a bit less boring now, it should be easier to find things to write about. 🙂

I’ll cheat for this warmup, and cover the whole weekend rather than just today. 😛

1) Finally got my bike, and used it! Photos forthcoming, but yeah, I’m glad I bit the bullet and just bought it. I then rode it down to Laz’s place, which is a fair ride – about 7.5km. Tomorrow it’ll get another run to uni and back. I’m pretty happy, all round. I’ve been pretty “relaxed” about exercising since I got back… time to change that.

2) Gave Sket a lift to the shops. That’s kinda cheating… we were going out afterwards anyway, but this introduces the real point I’m trying to make. Obviously, I took my time getting my license (and then a car), so I’ve accrued quite a bit of travel courtesy of others. I’m not stressing about it, or keeping close track, but I am working towards repaying that debt. I guess I need to balance my travel karma. 🙂

3) Chilled at Dracula’s, despite the best attempts of one of the waitresses. I’ll cover the details later, but the point is I didn’t let any of it get to me, and just continued to enjoy the night. I guess that sounds like a pretty trivial thing… but stuff like that seems to get on my nerves a lot, and might have otherwise darkened my mood. Not so this time, ah-ha! 😀