Now available in Fedivision®

With the release today of the ActivityPub plug-in version 1, I’ve configured my wee blog here to publish to the “Fediverse” (basically, Mastodon). You can find it at @everything. Bafflingly there’s apparently no way to deep-link into Mona (or ‘Mastodon’ generally), so apparently you’ll have to copy-paste that user ID into your client of choice’s … Read more

Best viewed on an iPad 3

I really like the text rendering on my iPad 3.  Yes, it’s ostensibly much the same as the iPhone 4 I’ve had for a while.  But it’s not.  The relatively huge screen makes a world of difference. So I’ve changed the font of this ‘ere website to something that looks nicer on the iPad 3.  It … Read more


One good thing about working at Google has been that I’ve finally learnt Python. Properly. Which means I can whip up, in just a couple of minutes, a tested & documented script to, say, replace ~2,500 HTML files with redirects. So now anyone using an old link to any HTML page under will get … Read more

WordPress doesn’t get time zones

WordPress apparently has no understanding of time zones, at least in the sense that makes sense – it displays all times in the local time of the viewer (at least, I hope it does… the alternative is that it displays all times as PST, which would be highly suspect). So all my old, imported posts, … Read more