Best viewed on an iPad 3

I really like the text rendering on my iPad 3.  Yes, it’s ostensibly much the same as the iPhone 4 I’ve had for a while.  But it’s not.  The relatively huge screen makes a world of difference. So I’ve changed the font of this ‘ere website to something that looks nicer on the iPad 3.  It … Read more


One good thing about working at Google has been that I’ve finally learnt Python. Properly. Which means I can whip up, in just a couple of minutes, a tested & documented script to, say, replace ~2,500 HTML files with redirects. So now anyone using an old link to any HTML page under will get … Read more

WordPress doesn’t get time zones

WordPress apparently has no understanding of time zones, at least in the sense that makes sense – it displays all times in the local time of the viewer (at least, I hope it does… the alternative is that it displays all times as PST, which would be highly suspect). So all my old, imported posts, … Read more

Converting my old journal

It appears there’s simply no way to directly convert from iBlog to WordPress.  Awkward.  iBlog ostensibly has some ability to export the blog, but the relevant menu items are permanently greyed out.  Likewise WordPress ostensibly has many plugins for performing HTML import, but they really suck (and also just ignore categories, tags and other metadata, … Read more