Nikon 18-55 vs 18-105

The contenders are: AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G (not to be confused with the newer VR II version) AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED Conclusions Which to get? Neither lens is clearly better than the other, technically.  They have similar features and each exceeds the other in at least some areas.  But the … Read more


I’m worried for Aperture – it’s ageing, slow to get RAW support updates, does some nasty, funky shit with colours in NEFs, and can’t do some fundamental corrections (like geometric distortion). So I finally decided to download Lightroom and give it a shot.  Thoughts on this: Adobe requires you make some stupid user account in … Read more

Monopod surprises

I used my new monopod properly for the first time last weekend, wandering along the cliff-tops of Santa Cruz and so forth, and two things caught me by surprise: It doesn’t really yield better results than hand-holding (at up to 300mm, or 450mm in 35-equiv.).  Apparently I can already hand-hold steady enough, in concert with … Read more

D5200 first impressions

I went in to the camera store speculatively looking for an old, $50-or-so AI-s lens for star photography, and walked out with a way more expensive lens (Nikon 10-24) and a new camera entirely.  I suck at this. My first impression is that the lens is fun, and I’ve been grumpy at work because I … Read more

D3200 burst mode performance

After my prior investigation into SD card performance, I wondered if shooting JPEG instead of RAW would make a meaningful difference on both “buffer capacity” and write rates.  What I found was rather interesting, for many reasons. All the following use “JPEG Fine” except where otherwise stated. At ISO 100, with noise reduction & distortion … Read more

Nikon V1 vs J3 & S1

In the J3 & S1‘s favour: Significantly more pixels (J3 only: 14.2 vs 10.1 million). Higher sensitivity (6400 in the standard range vs as a manual-use, “extended” range). Smaller (50%). Lighter (~33%). Much higher FPS [in standard mode] (15 vs 5). Underwater white balance preset. In the V1‘s favour: Much better battery life (350 vs … Read more