D3200 vs D5200

In the D5200‘s favour (in roughly decreasing order of importance): Better AF (39-point vs 11-point and focuses down to f/8 vs f/5.6). Articulated LCD. Exposure bracketing. Higher sensitivity (ISO 25,600 vs 12,800).  Update: 102,400 in a special B&W mode.  Also, see the note at the bottom about banding. Higher quality RAWs (14-bit compressed vs 12-bit … Read more

Pleasantly surprised by Sony

A few weeks back I went on a white-water rafting trip, taking with my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX10.  It worked pretty well the whole trip, but at the end of the day I discovered that there was a crack in the case, with a small chunk missing.  Well shit.  I’d babied it the whole day, being … Read more

Shooting tethered with a D3200

Ugh… random tip:  the Nikon D3200 will refuse to take a shot, while tethered, unless there is an SD card in the camera.  Even if you turn off shutter lock (which does work when not tethering). Also, Live View isn’t available at all while tethering.  That’s annoying.  The point of tethering is to get precise studio/macro … Read more

RAW failure

I like Aperture so far, mostly.  I’ve even managed to memorise a significant fraction of its obscure keyboard shortcuts and combos.  Enough to get around it and make it appear I have some idea what I’m doing. Unfortunately, Aperture relies on Mac OS X’s built-in RAW support (as does every other imaging app, which is … Read more

Stars are moving really fast

While we were camping I wanted to try some star photography.  I had borrowed Chris’s tripod specially for the occasion, so I was all excited and set to go.  I hadn’t initially thought of doing any astronomical work with the camera, but I chanced upon a discussion of it, with some example images from old … Read more