Scoring my D400 wishlist

I just stumbled across my D400 wishlist.  I’d clear forgotten I’d ever written that.  Now that the “D400” – a la the D500 – has in fact been released, let’s see how many wishes came true: ≥ 50 image buffer.  In 14-bit RAW. 😂 Nailed it.  The D500 never misses a shutter actuation.  It’s beautiful. … Read more

Photo gallery services

I recently needed to find a photo gallery service, as though I put my personal & favourite work on Flickr, I don’t necessarily want to mix in other photography I do, plus Flickr makes it irrationally difficult to control access to photos (specifically, to arbitrary people or groups thereof). I also wanted, ideally, something that … Read more

Stellaris review

This is a fantastic game if you love spending hours meticulously crafting a beautiful empire, micro-optimising it to a cutting edge, and then having the AI come in and wipe you out instantly. Fun for the whole family. As best I can tell it’s fatally buggy, because it lets the AI essentially cheat, and you … Read more