Finally rode into work

It’s hard to make excuses for not doing it, now that winter is largely passed, and Marisa rides with me. :) The only downside is that she then has to ride home by herself. It’s a shame there’s not a decent breakfast joint anywhere near work (Google cafes, being “free”, aren’t open to friends and … Read more

Ride to Stanford University

Marisa & I have been riding a little bit, for a few months now. We try to go at least once a week, generally on weekends. Today we rode to Stanford University, and then around the campus. Marisa hadn’t really been there before. It was quite a nice, sunny day, perfect for riding. We happened … Read more

Old La Honda

Two weekends back now, I finally got ye ol’ pushbike out for a bit of rotary motion. [[ That’s cyclist-speak for “I’m a tosser”. ;) ]] ’twas my birthday weekend, you see, so I: a) Had to do something other than crush the Rebellion and sleep.b) Wanted real chocolate for a change. Since I’m not … Read more

La Honda [partially] defeated

I was surprised to find the weather today wasn’t half bad; it’s been crappy and raining for a few days – which reminded me very nostalgically of Melbourne, with how quickly we went from summer to winter, and furthermore the daily pattern of rain in the mornings and sunny afternoons. Still not a huge amount … Read more

Hi ho, hi ho…

I rode to work yesterday. It was surprisingly warm in the morning. It didn’t kill me, evidently, though today my knees were ever so slightly tending towards jelly. It’s somewhat ‘interesting’ riding back at night… bike lights don’t really do much to actually illuminate your path – they’re really just for safety, I reckon – … Read more

New haunts

I haven’t been up to much the last few weeks… working away as usual, going to the gym when I can, seeing movies here and there, the usual. The last three Sundays though I have gone for a ride, up into the hills. As expected it’s a relaxing and scenic area, and the ride while … Read more

Riding to my new place

It’s been nine days short of a year since I wrote in this category, ‘Riding’. Only because I forgot I had it…. that and I tend to mention my cycling off hand inbetween other things, usually Ramblings. Anyway… so weekend before last I did the Steven’s Canyon Road ride as per usual. And I felt … Read more