Hills circuit finally complete

Today I finally did the circuit ride through the western hills that I’ve been eyeing for ages now. It turned out to be harder than expected, largely because the ~2km of Redwood Gulch Road in the middle is insanely steep, the entire way. I walked that entire bit… I was already tired from just getting … Read more

Back to the hills

On Saturday I went for a ride up towards the reservoir in the hills west of here. I was interested to see how difficult it would be, to gauge my relative fitness since riding up there last time I was here. I was fairly pleasantly surprised – I rode the entire way from home to … Read more

Sausalito ride

Late last week people (mainly interns) started organising themselves for the weekend, and one of the ideas that came up and caught my attention was a proposed bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and up to Muir Woods, which is apparently quite spectacular. So, at 11am on Saturday, which was way too early for … Read more

Flat tire replaced

I took the wheel of my bike – thankfully it’s the front wheel, so that took all of three seconds – and wandered down to the bike shop to have them look at it. I’m sure I must have had numerous flat tires in my life, but I can’t really remember any – aside from … Read more

Bike fixed and broken again

Thursday before last I finally got my bike back. No fault of theirs – it was probably fixed weeks ago – I just hadn’t been able to get to the bike store during their open hours. Anyway, they’d even managed to find a hanger for the derailer, so that was fixed as well. Cool. :) … Read more

The bike’s in the shop

The other day when I was riding to work I was fiddling with the gears, trying out different riding patterns, and discovered that I couldn’t change into the highest gear on the back – the derailer wasn’t aligned properly. While I was fiddling I discovered that if I press to hard when changing the front … Read more

Stevens Creek Park Ride

So today I went for a ride, given how nice the weather was, up to Stevens Creek Park. I had intended on doing the circuit up along the reservoir and back down, coming back down into the valley at the bottom, near Saratoga… but I got distracted half way and decided to check out the … Read more