ffmpeg can produce pseudo-corrupt audio when ‘copy’ing to an MP4 container

I’ve been using ffmpeg to trim clips from a trail camera, as most of the time there’s only a few seconds of anything interesting in frame out of the 30+ seconds of video it records each time, but I don’t want to re-encode them and lose video quality as a result (or balloon file sizes … Read more

Apple Mail crashes on launch if connection logging is enabled

This was a fun one.  Mail started crashing on launch for absolutely no apparent reason – nothing had changed to its config or similar in a long time.  The crash logs were all fingering an identical culprit – -[IMAPTaskManager secondaryIdleMailboxName] called on the wrong GCD queue: Process: Mail [19884] Path: /Applications/Mail.app/Contents/MacOS/Mail Identifier: com.apple.mail Version: 11.3 … Read more

ProPhoto RGB vs JPEGs

Most common photo editors – e.g. Lightroom – let you choose the colour gamut to use for exported photos.  In Lightroom (at time of writing in January 2018) you have a fairly short list, of today’s common options – sRGB, Display P3, Adobe RGB, and ProPhoto RGB.  Since we’re all obsessive nerds, that we’re given … Read more

CASE Remote limitations

Here’s a list of things that are missing or otherwise dysfunctional with the CASE Remote.  Why am I only covering what’s missing?  I guess because, after using it for a while, it really does seem to be defined by what’s missing or broken, more-so than what it can do, which is relatively little. Though I don’t … Read more

Dealing with Nikon Technical Support (a.k.a. pulling teeth)

Me:  Hey, the D7100 with these particular lenses over-exposes by exactly one stop when not wide open. Nikon’s Support Website:  Cool story bro.  Got any pics? Me:  Sure, here they are… Nikon’s Support Website:  Sorry, all attachments have to be 10 MB or less. Me:  U wot mate? … Me:  Okay, I put them up on … Read more