Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!


Oh oh… today we ran out of toilet paper. Now, this would not normally be a problem in an average household – someone would simply procure more. Unfortunately, the last time we ran out of toilet paper and I didn’t buy any… neither did anyone else. I kept my own personal emergency supply… now, granted, maybe my three companions also had their own private stashes… but I doubt it.

I eventually capitulated in that previous case, and bought some toilet paper about a week later. I couldn’t stand thinking about it anymore.

Although I have noticed over the last few weeks that Laura does at least wash her underwear now. Shocking too – chemists had postulated that the mere contact between washing powder and any of her clothing would cause a cataclysmic explosion. There were some physicists who had based their life’s works on the theory that the dirty state of Laura’s wardrobe was the only true constant in the universe.

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