Dealing with Nikon Technical Support (a.k.a. pulling teeth)

Me:  Hey, the D7100 with these particular lenses over-exposes by exactly one stop when not wide open.
Nikon’s Support Website:  Cool story bro.  Got any pics?
Me:  Sure, here they are…
Nikon’s Support Website:  Sorry, all attachments have to be 10 MB or less.
Me:  U wot mate?

Me:  Okay, I put them up on a HTTP server.  Here are the links.
Nikon’s Support Drone:  We don’t accept modified images.  You have to provide the images straight from the camera.
Me:  Those were copied directly from the SD card.

Nikon’s Support Drone:  Please email them to us.
Me:  Your email gateway doesn’t accept attachments that large.

Nikon’s Support Drone:  Please retake the images at a smaller size.
Me:  I have no words.


Or… you could update your stupid Support site to accept attachments larger than 10 MB. What Nikon camera produces JPEGs less than 10 MB in size, let alone raws? @#%$!

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