Die, scum, die


I cleaned my bathroom yesterday. I suppose in the grand scheme of things it’s not the most exciting way to spend a Sunday morning, but, I kinda enjoy it – it’s nice to be cleaning, while listening to music, and for the most part not having any immediate concern about anything beyond the six feet square of my bathroom.

I had something of an epiphany, too. I realised there is no God. Or at least, no one worth believing in, for any being that could invent bathroom scum gets no respect from me. 😉

It did kinda kill my plans to go for a ride though, alas. So ultimately another weekend doing washing, playing Age of Empires 3 – I discovered that it does indeed support 3rd party maps, which pretty much doomed the whole weekend 🙂 – and reading. The reading is new, at least. I’m hopelessly behind on my reading… I think I have enough unread novels to last me a good six months of studious study… I can only recall reading two books this year, both Discworld’s that I’ve already read before.

Anyway, this time I’m actually poking holes in my literary cocoon and reading ‘Lord Prestimion’, which from the depths of my foggy memory came from Julie, I think, probably some embarrassingly large number of years ago. It’s not my traditional flavour exactly – the writer tends to get sidetracked into naming all forty-seven attendees of whatever the hell random event is currently in progress, none of which are of any consequence or will appear again, though are apparently all wearing amazingly ornate and fine clothes which are also laboriously detailed – but nonetheless I’ve been compelled to at least demolish four or five chapters a night. I’m maybe a third of the way through, so it’s still in the “okay, I’m listening” stage, and I have no clear idea where it’s going yet, but… I think it’s good. Definitely has potential. We’ll see, anyway.

It does keep referencing this whole rather intriguing past storyline though, of a civil war and usurption and politics and whatnot… yet there’s no direct evidence that this is some sequel, so I really can’t tell if I’ve missed a book or if the author just picked a curious moment on the fantasy world’s timeline to come in and start narrating..

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