#geektree [1/4/2001] – The darker side, colourblindness as a damn colloquialism, J. Lo & the Pineapple, Shiv-A’s, random humour, Sarah’s self-image


There’s a few things that I’m being reminded of now that aren’t so nice. For example, in the chat I’m looking at today Data, Damien & Ducky were talking about the database they’d started… a database on the sexual details of girls in our group. Both creepy and immoral. They went around asking them all in private chats for intimate details, then threw them into this database and shared that around amongst themselves.

Even Sarah fell into this, despite my attempts to warn her. Luckily, she was shy enough not to give any really regrettable details. Some others weren’t so lucky. I never kept the database longer than I had to – to show it to a few of the people in it, so that they’d know what was going on – but I can still remember some of it, unfortunately. Very unfortunate, that sort of thing.

The guys were all rather pissed at me about that, which I felt was pretty stupid. They were the ones being… well, I want to keep this journal below an R rating, so I won’t be direct and honest… but anyway, they were the ones who really should have been sorry and apologising to me, and those who’s trust they were betraying.

It’s similar to another stupid idea adopted by those guys; the morning after a net night the lot of us were lying around at Data’s, doing nothing in particular, and the conversation turned to how frugal Ann-Marie was. Ducky was trying to convince everyone she both wasn’t, and that he of all people could sleep with her. So Data put it to him as a bet/prize. By the time they were all finished, the pot for this little competition was some $150 or more.

And so Ducky set about trying to get into Ann-Marie’s pants. He did make some progress before I blew the lid on it; I had been hoping it would fizzle out on it’s own, and I wouldn’t have to betray my friends, but it didn’t. Unfortunately, Ducky & Ann-Marie did have something going on already, sorta, so there was a distinct possibility of something happening. Not so, of course, once Ann-Marie found out what the deal was. What a stupid, typically-guy way to blow what could have been a great thing.

Anyway, onwards… despite these digressions, our group was mostly good. Sometimes. I like to pretend, anyway. πŸ™‚

It’s odd how people always assume “colourblind” means seeing in grayscale. I guess the name is, in a literal sense, misleading, but nonetheless people should know by now that when talking about human eyes, “blind” is a catch-all term.

Anyway, conversations like this are very common:

[6:42] De`Impact: Wade, fort god sake, you are colorblind wtf do you care?
[6:43] Sys: De`Impact - I can still see colour, jackass, and I can in fact see more colours than you, so watch your mouth, boy.

Even my own mother keeps making these same sorts of comments, a decade on. She doesn’t seem to comprehend that I can still see colour pretty much like anyone else.

And to clarify, my retort there is ambiguous – I can “see” just as many colours as anyone else, but can’t tell the difference between certain ones, in certain shades, as well. I can, however, see more shades than people with “normal” vision. While I’ve no idea of the cause of my colourblindness, from those observations I’m guessing I just have some cones which mistakenly grew up to be rods instead. πŸ™‚

Works for me – I have much better night vision than a lot of people, which I find far more useful than being able to tell the difference between stucco and off-white. πŸ˜‰

Anyway… I’m not sure what the scientific merit of this proposed “experiment” would be, but it’d certainly improve the average quality of popular music…

[6:53] Lord-Data: i need some songs to download
[6:53] De`Impact: mozart?
[6:54] De`Impact: kompressor?
[6:54] De`Impact: j lo?
[6:54] Lord-Data: good songs ..
[6:54] Lord-Data: j lo? lol
[6:54] Lord-Data: she coudlnt sing if you shoved a pineapple up her ass
[6:54] Sys: Mmmm, tempting..
[6:54] De`Impact: those idiots who sang all you base are belong to us
[6:54] Lord-Data: De`Impact: iv got those mp3s πŸ™‚
[6:54] Lord-Data: Sys: hehe
[6:55] De`Impact: tell us more about this pinaple experiment

I never could, nor can, tell if Damien is really incapable of spelling to a grade four level, or if he’s just immensely lazy. I’m guessing if he’s patient enough to read down this far – and thus issue some witty retort to me in the next few days – then we’ll assume the former. πŸ˜›

It was always such a conflict that Data was a Mac fan, but still used PCs and fell in with the PC crowd. He was intelligent enough to see the areas where MacOS was ahead of Windows, but his priorities included gaming pretty high up, so, reality was he was PC centric.

[7:09] Lord-Data: you look at an ibook and it looks like it might go "Boing" and play thomas the tank engine or somfin

Referring of course to the original clamshell models. I think it’s a pretty apt description. πŸ™‚

The following comes just after Data said he was looking for a new computer, so naturally I suggested a nice shiny new G4…

[7:11] Lord-Data: hehe. /me looks at his quake3 fps scores
[7:11] * Lord-Data contemplates how much better they'll be on a gf2 ddr + agp 4x
[7:12] * Sys looks at the frag count and laughs at poor pitiful Data. All hyped up with no one to kill. πŸ˜›
[7:12] Lord-Data: hhe
[7:12] Lord-Data: i can kill pplz on wireplay
[7:12] Sys: Yeah, I can spank your ass over dialup. πŸ˜›
[7:12] * Sys makes whipping sounds.
[7:12] Lord-Data: bah, your just takin advantage of the lag πŸ™‚
[7:12] Sys: lol
[7:13] Sys: You were the server. You had no lag. πŸ™‚
[7:13] Lord-Data: you did tho
[7:14] Lord-Data: you were never in the right place
[7:14] Sys: lol
[7:14] Sys: πŸ˜›
[7:14] Sys: I can still kick your ass, lag or no lag. You might get 100fps more than me, but that just makes you look better when you gib. πŸ˜›

So true, so true. I think it pissed off a lot of people I gamed with back then, that I was one of the best at nearly all the games we played, despite having what they thought was the crappy children’s computer. Hehe… define penis envy. πŸ˜‰

Ah yes – and then there was Tanti. Tanti is on the northern edge of Mornington, just above Main street, which twenty years ago was all really bad government housing. It’s improved since, but the quality of people you get there is still well below par. Tanti is the birthplace of many New English words such as “yews” (plural of you, somehow), “shiv” (to stab someone; with any object, not specifically a knife), etc. We gave them so much shit. The following quote was immensely funny to us at the time, and even still now – Tanti hasn’t changed much.

[8:34] De`Impact: theres a drink that is sold at the servo on the edge of tanti called a shiv-a. we were too afrais to buy one

This amused me, because it’s a problem that still ticks me off today. πŸ™‚

[7:41] OpsuPup: don't tell me how to spell, i think i'm in the 1% of people on the internet that don't fuck up your/you're
[7:41] OpsuPup: not looking at anyone in particulat
[7:41] * OpsuPup looks over at Lord-Data

And again…

[8:13] Lord-Data: installed a new beta version of msn today
[8:13] Lord-Data: found out how to crash it
[8:13] Lord-Data: click on any of the new shiny buttons
[8:13] Sleazball: πŸ™‚
[8:13] Lord-Data: if it wasnt in the old one, .. dont use it πŸ™‚
[8:14] OpsuPup: well explorer was in the last windows, it still crashes for me

Ahahaha… it’s always a laugh when geeks first get into *nix, and find out about commands named things like “fsck”, “gasp”, “unzip”, “touch”, etc… πŸ™‚

[10:36] Sleazball: Hallo yall.
[10:36] Lord-Data: fck
[10:36] Lord-Data: thats not good
[10:36] Sleazball: fsck?
[10:36] Lord-Data: heya sys
[10:36] Lord-Data: fsck
[10:36] Seahbear: ahhh....I'm so happy πŸ™‚
[10:36] OpsuPup: fsck
[10:37] * Sleazball can't figure out how to fsck properly.
[10:37] faRq|: ROFLMAO!!
[10:37] faRq|: ROFLMAO!!
[10:37] faRq|: ROFLMAO!!
[10:37] faRq|: ROFLMAO!!
[10:37] Lord-Data: fsck /dev/hda1
[10:37] ***: DEV/HDA1: Unknown command
[10:37] Sleazball: /dev/hda1: No such file or directory
[10:37] OpsuPup: wtf are we talking about?
[10:38] Sleazball: Opsu: Fscking. πŸ™‚
[10:38] Sleazball: /genitals/penis1: No such limb or phallus

And yes, the perpetual connection issues…

[10:51] Notice: PING faRq|: 33 seconds
[10:51] Notice: PING OpsuPup: 33 seconds
[10:51] Notice: PING Lord-Data: 33 seconds
[10:51] Notice: PING |fux0r|: 33 seconds
[10:51] Notice: PING |chi-ad|: 33 seconds
[10:51] Sleazball: Oooh, 33 seconds.
[10:51] * Sleazball beams proudly.
[10:51] Sleazball: No one lags quite as good as me.
[10:52] * Sleazball accepts the golden statue gleefully.
[10:52] Sleazball: I'd like to thank OptusNet, and Dingoblue, and everyone who made this momentous connection speed possible.
[10:52] Lord-Data: hehe
[10:52] * Sleazball dabs at his eyes with a tissue.

And yes, it’s sad that Sarah spent most of her time in #geektree moping about her figure and her self-imagined weight problem. No one ever gave her any insults or reasons to believe that, but she did anyway. She always did have a terrible self-image; no self-confidence at all. Well, until we’d been together for a few years – I eventually got her to be a bit more open and happy with herself. Now bloody Terence is reaping the rewards. Bastard. πŸ™‚

Anyway, no, I won’t post anything specific, because it’s all rambling.

It’s interesting that in 10 days of this log we started going out. That was the first time we kissed, too – Sarah wouldn’t let me kiss her until we were going out. Contrary to popular belief (well, Damien’s) we didn’t get up to anything before that. Really. I think the worst we did was play cubbies in her sister’s bunk bed and lie together.

And yeah, in hindsight it is creepy that we were doing that in her sister’s room… but I think back then Sarah must have shared the room with her sister… I can’t remember when she got her own room.

And no, there won’t be anything here about us going out. I don’t know if it was never mentioned on irc, or if I’ve just lost the logs, but I’ve already checked ahead – there’s absolutely nothing on Sarah and myself being together, in the April logs at least. Very bizarre… I don’t recall it being a secret or anything. Although, she was insistent on waiting a while ’till things cooled more with Brian (her ex before me), so maybe it was some big secret.

Damnit, why didn’t I keep a journal back then?! πŸ™‚

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