#geektree [2/4/2001] – Moulin Rouge reviewed, Sarah & my rellies, faRq’s pkunzip Levis


Well, the 2nd was a pretty slow day on #geektree. I talked to Michael briefly about Moulin Rouge, which I’d seen the Friday before. He saw it later and loved it – he became briefly obsessed with the soundtrack.

This was also the day that Sarah went with me to some thing with my relatives. I can’t figure out what, though… I suspect it was a trip to my cousin’s (Chris’) for something-er-rather; I’ve still got the tape from that. But, I’m just guessing; that may have been filmed well after. Although, it was the first time Chris had seen my camera, so it must have been fairly early in the year… hmm.

Anyway, Sarah wasn’t online to talk about it, so there’s not much more to say. Just one good quote, courtesy of faRq (no, can’t remember who he is either – friend of Data’s):

[9:58] ***: faRq| has quit IRC (pkunzip levis - exploding bigcock.exe - erection reset by queer)

Hehe. 🙂

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