#geektree [30/3/2001] – The Game, Premature Disconnection, Sad Insults, Intellectuals and Downloads via Dialup


Ah yes… at this stage I was big on OS X, although still using RealBasic. I probably had the public beta at that time… don’t think 10.0 was quite out by then. And at this point a group of us had been working on The Game for quite some time.

You see, The Game was an idea started up by Maxim, Damien and [possibly] myself. And probably others whom I’ve forgotten or misconstrued in the timeline. Anyway, the idea was that we would make a computer game to end all games. The ubergame. Kind of a mix between Starcraft, TA, Commandos, UT… pretty much every good game of any genre we’d ever played. I’m sure there would have been PacMan and Pong subgames, just for nostalgia. πŸ™‚

Anyway, we spent a lot of time hanging at Maxim’s, throwing ideas around, sketching, planning, etc. We did spent quite a lot of time on it, and it was great fun. It was interspersed with random other things, like finishing Metal Slug II, III and X about a bazillion times, and generally gaming.

Of course, The Game never happened. At that point, as I mentioned, I was still pre-C, in RealBasic-world, and didn’t have anything approaching the necessary expertise to even attempt what we were talking about. It was a glorious pipe dream. But it was cool. I still have and treasure some of the stuff we came up with; it’s great. It reminds me of a time when we all still dreamed without bounds.

Anyway, in that context, the next comment will at least make slightly sense… I was looking for images and info on common weaponry for some 3D modelling I was doing at the time… I might throw up some of the images at some point… I did actually come up with some stuff that wasn’t entirely crap. Although I must say that Maxim was the real 3D talent in our group; while he only dabbled briefly in it, he came up with some amazing stuff.

So, onwards…

[5:21] * Sleazball is looking for weaponry images/information...any ideas?
[5:21] De`Impact: :D~

That’s Damien for you. Not a whole lot has changed there – our house is full of bullets, empty shells and other such crap. πŸ™‚

[5:28] Sleazball: I need images and information to build from.
[5:28] Sleazball: Just thought you might know of some resource.
[5:28] De`Impact: Notice: DCC Send glock-17 transparency.gif (
[5:28] DCC: DCC SEND request received from De`Impact. glock-17_transparency.gif : 36895 bytes
[5:28] De`Impact: i got heaps
[5:29] DCC: Transfer of "glock-17_transparency.gif" was cancelled by the other end
[5:29] Sleazball: DCC: Transfer of "glock-17_transparency.gif" was cancelled by the other end
[5:31] De`Impact: umm
[5:32] Sleazball: It's the net equivelant of premature ejaculation. "Umm...I'm so sorry...this doesn't normally happen...I don't know what went wrong..." πŸ˜›

Yeah, he still has that problem. πŸ˜‰

[5:34] De`Impact: if it doesnt work on your peice iof shic macintosh, tis not MS problem

There’s just something so un-insulting about an insulate where they can’t even get the right side of the keyboard when their typing. I mean, come on – ‘c’ is like the exact opposite direction to ‘t’. Aye. πŸ™‚

And of course, back in those days of perpetual group chat, typing speed was critical. I think most of us can thank IRC solely for teaching us to touch type, or at least hunt and peck very very fast.

[6:09] Lord-Data: take out the best part πŸ˜‰
[6:09] De`Impact: but the killing is the best part πŸ™
[6:10] De`Impact: damn fast typist bastard

Ahahaha… so many highly intellectual conversations were had…

[7:22] ***: You have joined the channel
[7:22] Sleazball: Moo.
[7:23] De`Impact: woof
[7:24] Sleazball: Meow.
[7:25] De`Impact: P'tang
[7:28] Sleazball: Tweet.
[7:28] De`Impact: cock a doodle do
[7:29] Sleazball: Moose....mooose.....
[7:30] De`Impact: ah
[7:31] De`Impact: i gtg
[7:31] Sleazball: Cya.
[7:31] De`Impact: see you tomoz
[7:31] ***: De`Impact has quit IRC (Best of bath time music: unplugged)

And yes, of course, more dialup… does anyone actually remember the bad old days, where you’d sit there and watch a 1 meg download count up in single digits of percent?

[9:48] Sleazball: Arrgh, my book, my precious book... πŸ™
[9:48] Sleazball: It's stopped at 83% and I don't know why.
[9:49] Lord-Data: lol
[9:49] Sleazball: It's still there.
[9:49] * Sleazball whimpers.
[9:50] Sleazball: Fix it. It scares me.
[9:50] Lord-Data: lol
[9:50] Lord-Data: resume it πŸ™‚
[9:50] * Sleazball bashes OmniWeb about the place with a rusty wooden pole.
[9:52] Sleazball: Yay!
[9:52] Sleazball: 87%
[9:52] Sleazball: It moves!

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