Geektree – Lorne Recapped


Ah yes, Damien read my first post and reminded me of a few more notable events from Lorne. The first was of course the other occasions he’d try to get a threesome going with Straight & Chelle. On another day, he spent a lot of time with them at the beach (a brief walk from our camp site), hanging out for something to happen. He was trying to – in his own words – push things towards something. Eventually, he says, the topic of conversation turned to sex – who’d done what before, what they thought of this. It was a “romantic” discussion, he originally claimed, although when pressed further he conceded perhaps just “sexual”. 🙂

Anyway, after an entire night of this, it was like 2am, and it was freezing. They were all getting tired, so somehow or rather the suggestion was made that they set up a tent and the three of them spend the night in it – just sleeping, of course. 😉

But by the time Damien got back to camp with them and put his stuff away, they both said they’d rather just go to sleep in their own tents. So Damien goes “oh, okay” and goes off. Then in the morning, rising earlier than most others, he sees a new tent… with Straight & Chelle in it. They’d ditched him the night before to have some of their own quality time.

Poor poor Damien… he never did get that threesome with Straight & Chelle. In fact, he never even got with Chelle alone. He can claim to have made out with Straight at one of Straight’s birthday parties, although at our age these days I hardly think that ranks as significant.

I’ll keep these anecdotes coming, as long as I can think of them. Now if you’ll excuse me, Laura’s just jumped in the shower, so I have to go flush the toilet.

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