Laura and work


1) Tried actually talking to Laura, to try and understand her… long story short it was probably a colossal waste of time, but I feel better for it anyway. It’s also the reason this entry magically appeared two days late… damn gremlins. 😉

I’m not sure why exactly I decided to talk to her. Perhaps I felt sorry for her, given she’s been violently ill for a few days. While I’ve considered it, I don’t think it’s guilt for spying on her… I misgivings for that were on the general principle, not personal. I did tell her what I’d done, which went over well enough. And now she’s aware that this journal exists, although – as far as I know – she doesn’t know where it is yet, so, I’m waiting for the mini-nova when she does find it..

Anyway, I’m glad I tried talking to her, rather than to just go on disliking her. Now I can dislike her with justification, not just on my own impressions. Much better. 😉

2) More general thesis crap and work. All the usual. I’ve got two weeks as of today until thesis is due in, so it’s really time to get into gear on it. I hope to do a whole lot of it this weekend, so I can scale the pressure back a bit… but knowing what I’m like, less will get done than I like.

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