Laura broke again


D’oh…. I broke Laura again. We were getting along swimmingly yesterday, but last night I chanced upon Shaun’s blog (here, if you’re interested). It’s actually very amusing – I think I’ll start following it regularly.

Anyway, I found the paragraph below (in this post), which I sent to Damien over MSN. And just half an hour ago Laura tramps into my room and calls me a “gossip” and threatens me about ever doing it again. Whatever it is, really. Apparently Damien got reading Shaun’s journal and he’s now cranky at her. I don’t know why – but now I’m going to have to read it too to find out. 🙂

I think Older Laura is ignoring me. Haven’t seen her on msn, and my replies on her livejournal are either ignored or deleted. Can’t blame her, being that my patience has well and truly run out, in respect to playing second fiddle to that disgrace Damien. Still, she has her own life to live, and i have mine. I just hope that she doesn’t dismiss my lack of tolerance for lack of concern. I still care about her eminently, but have conceded there is ostenisbly nothing i can do to help or support her. Thankfully, I have no doubt that she has sufficient support however, either through the stalwart Akaiya or that Ramirez chap, who seems very keen on her indeed. Incidentally, if the latter is reading this, hello. You are correct, SNES does rule.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I do like gossip. 🙂

Actually, I probably should have sent it to Laura. She would have already read it of course, but the reason it caught my attention was because it expressed my feelings towards her as well. Not the second fiddle stuff – Shaun’s interest in her goes far beyond mine there, but the other bits are all pretty spot on. Apart from the SNES comment. That’s just silly.

That disgrace Damien. Hehehe.

And no, I don’t share that bit with him either, although I do think Damien is occasionally Evil™ with regards to Laura. 😛

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