Laura’s Encore


I think I can hazard at guess on Laura; I think perhaps she just can’t stand the idea of anyone not liking her, especially guys. She doesn’t even like me, yet today when I criticised her she cracked the shits, stopped in the middle of her Warhammer game with Damien, and went to her “room” and cried for a while.

But don’t worry, the crying was just being melodramatic – she kept it up as long as Damien and I were still in the living room, but once we moved to Damien’s room, she stopped. When I left Damien’s room, she was in straight away, closing the door behind her, so she could whine to him.

And yeah, I was going to try to be nice to her for the remainder of our time together, but since she’s really hating me at the moment, that’s a bit difficult. The criticism was fair – she was being stubborn with moving her turn forward, saying that the type of role she had to make determined which dice she was supposed to use… Damien pointed out quite rightly that if the dice did behave in that fashion the entire game would be flawed, so she got up and violently tried to stuff said dice down his throat. My comment was “Isn’t there a one in front of your age?”. It went downhill from there. 🙂

I suspect she was mostly angry that Damien didn’t defend her or anything – he seemed to very nearly lose his temper at her anyway. Still, he brings it upon himself. 🙂

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