Mission Improbable 2


Well, the modem is now conveniently convinced to mirror traffic on Laura’s connection to mine, although she has been rather unhelpful so far by turning her computer off for the night… nonetheless, the tools are amassed for attack tomorrow. The potential problem I’ve realised is that Lavalife doesn’t publish a profile for you just because you have an account… so Laura may just be window shopping. Still… with some tweaking I should be able to see which windows she’s looking in.

This reminds me of a program from some hack conference years ago, which thieved the capture code from some obvious suspect (ettercap or ethereal, from memory) and pushed that up behind an image renderer. So you could see what images were being retrieved (over HTTP) over the network. Really groovy. I used it years ago in college, figuring I’d find a whole bunch of intriguing things. Unfortunately, 95% of it was just images from Hotmail.com. Bloody boring.

Of course, through all this there is the ethical concerns of snooping on someone else’s traffic… but then I remember it’s Laura we’re talking about here – who cares!

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