Mission Improbable 3


Jackpot – we have capture. Seems Laura has a Livejournal – username “banshee_lenore”, here. Excellent. Let’s see what she’s writing… lots of junk about music, random musings, the usual… her profile’s about standard, confirms what details I already knew of her. Her list of “memories” (i.e. bookmarks of other people’s posts, essentially) is not too interesting… some crap about rape, points allocations for Freddo frogs, etc.

What we do find is her web page, which has links to much amusement, including her poetry on allpoetry.com, where she poses as “Ode to no one”. I’ll leave that as an entertaining exercise to the reader. She also has a bunch of fake words like “quirrel”, which is interesting… I’ll start to integrate some of them into my MSN name over time, and we’ll see how observant she is. There’s some more poetic crap, some Hitchhikers quotes, etc. There’s also some of her scribbles, one of which contains yet another reference to Jeff Buckley… I really must find out who he is. Some poet or artist, presumably.

She also has links to various silly net tests, such as for insanity or whatever. Apparently she scores highly in antisocial, melodrama, obsessive and schizoid. Also high marks for sadism, masochism, bipolarity, etc. So at least we know the test is reasonably accurate.

There’s also a link to “Jesse”‘s page, a.k.a. sadmarrow, from whom she obviously stole the design (or lack there-of) for her own site. So much for creative originality.

I find it funny, going back to her Livejournal site, that she complains about Damien waking her up by throwing up (not on her, presumably), even though she was most likely the one who gave him whatever bug he was suffering from, given she was sick for the week leading up. Funny how she fails to mention that.

Perhaps if she didn’t sleep in the same bed at him every night, despite him clearly having no real interest in her in that way, these things wouldn’t happen.

There’s a whole lot of Radiohead crap. Man she loves Radiohead. Some junk about one of their songs, Fake Plastic Trees, being significant in some way. Probably aimed at Damien.

Apparently she wants to change her name to Asuka. That doesn’t entirely surprise me, although if the conclusion I’m jumping to is correct, she really is way more fucked up than I thought. Sorry, can’t provide details on this point.

And also, while it’s not significant, I’ll point out that she bitches about there being ants in the kitchen, and how it’s all the “boys” faults for not doing anything about it, despite the fact that she is the most disgusting, messiest person in this house. Define hypocrisy.

There’s also a post quoting a conversation between her and myself back in May or so, when I said I like her. We nearly “got together” in some capacity at that point, but I saw way too much of Alise in her. Good thing, too – she’s even worse. And over the year she’s really just fallen off the end of the scale. Yet another thing to thank Alise for – the irony is killing me.

I also find it disturbing that she’s marked the 19th of July, 2004 as the culmination of her life’s ambitions, which apparently were to drink urine. Go figure.

There’s also some bitching way back about people bitching about her. My guess is they were talking about her perpetual cheating on Damien. She adamantly defends this now, even though I’ve never doubted that she did cheat on him. Hell, she still does, as much as she can in their twisted pseudo-relationship.

And it goes on. Weird stuff. Apparently last year some random guys offered Laura money for sexual favours, and she was disgusted. Why no, I don’t bring it up for any particular reason at all.

Anyway, onwards. Let’s see who she’s emailing lately:

[edited out – one of those who’s email was listed here asked for the list to be removed, which seems fair]

And the list goes on. I didn’t setup the capture right at this point, so I missed on all the juicy details like names and so forth. I’ll get them next time. Along with the contents of her email… probably can’t get her Hotmail password, but we’ll see.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned. 🙂

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