Mission Improbable 4


I’ve decided to indefinitely delay further observation of our subject. Once the initial excitement over doing it died down, the ethical issues troubled me. What I’ve found so far isn’t anything not already publicly available, so now is a good point to stop, before it goes too far. Plus, I need something I feel good about to write in this journal tonight, and continuing with this silliness would not be conducive to that end.

Of course, my original aim was to find out what she’s doing with Lavalife.com… I honestly expect she’s trying to find partners for deprived, disgusting sexual acts. And that I could certainly give her shit for – I mean, at this point I couldn’t really respect her any less.

But then, maybe she’s actually looking for love. Honest, truthful love. I can’t laugh at her for that… So perhaps it’s best I don’t find out, and let it be.

In any case, it’s taken enough of my time to date, and there’s little more technical knowledge to be learnt on snooping on our network, etc.

Now I just need to tell her, and apologise. Hehehe… yeah, I crack myself up. 😉

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