Monterey Bay Aquarium

On Saturday I went down the Monterey Bay Aquarium with Gus, Julian, Ashley and Renaud. Gus had suggested the trip a week or two earlier, and I’d vaguely heard of the aquarium, so I figured it might be cool. Plus, it was a way to get out and about for once.

All in all, I was a bit disappointed. It was a pretty good aquarium, I guess, but not really any bigger or better than the Melbourne aquarium. And, it was packed full of people, which became very irritating after a while – little kids everywhere, faces pushed up to the glass, with their careless parents next to them, blocking any remaining view.

I think we were only there for three hours, if that. A few people I’d talked to had said you needed a full day to see everything, but, well… I have no idea what they’re going on about. If there hadn’t been so many people to constantly fight through, you could see it all in less than two hours.

So after giving up on that we wandered up the street a bit, had lunch at a place called Jersey’s, and then went home. Gus seemed very interested in getting home, rather than making use of the remainder of the day, so, that’s what we did.

Because of all the kids and the travelling in a cramped car with five people, plus possibly other factors, I wasn’t feeling very good by the time we got back – headachy. So I didn’t do much; just stayed at home killing time ’till bed. I watched Borat finally, which wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, luckily, although I really didn’t think it was particularly special, contrary to all the hype.

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