Moving the cats in

Saturday morning I woke up feeling a little seedy, but better than I had been. I drove up to mum’s to help her with the cats; she was finally ready to move them in to her new place, from the cattery, but wanted help doing it. Really I think she just needed some support herself; she was more stressed than the cats, I think. :)

The move went well – when we arrived at the cattery the two of them were curled up inside the igloo together, all sleepy and gorgeous. Porsha stirred up with the attention, and was all cuddly and cute. Yoda was paying attention, but I think aware that our presence indicated something was happening. Getting him into the cat cage was fun, although I just watched and laughed. :)

The drive to mum’s from there takes a good 25 minutes or so, which seems like forever when you’ve got Porsha in the back howling the whole time. Yoda just sat there, as he does, shaking.

When they got to mum’s place and were let out, they immediately escaped from the cages; evidently anything was better than that. :) They were both surprisingly adventurous, actually; I’d expected them – or at least Yoda – to dive for the nearest hidey-hole, but they didn’t really. They were timid and flighty, but both were highly inquisitive, and wandered around smelling everything. Within an hour Porsha was already banging her head on the coffee table as per usual, and owning (rubbing up against) everything in sight.

I didn’t stay for all that long; I wanted to get home to do a few things before heading off to Sarah’s in the evening. But I was driving past grandma & grandpa’s and thought it would be silly not to stop by. So I did, and caught up with them for a bit, which was good. I helped grandpa swap out their Foxtel box for a DVD player, which was dead simple – I guess I’ve wired up so many audiovisual systems over the last few years, it’s second nature. Not that it’s really all that tricky anyway, given everything’s colour-coded and it’s just down to whether you want your DVD player going through your VCR or not. Years ago it was all bloody coax aerial cables and manually tuning channels and all that crap… gah.

Anyway, I had to leave there eventually to get back to dads in time to get ready, which I did, and then headed to Sket’s; I’d arranged via Bobo to catch a lift up with Sket & Sean, who were going to a second shindig in Mt. Martha afterwards, so they wouldn’t be there very long – which suited me – and were coming back via Sket’s anyway.

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