My Loyal Readers (Yep, both of you!)


Well, Laura finally clued up that Google might just be able to find this, and subsequently has been scowling at me since I got home. She’s obviously thinking of me – her light was on when I got home, despite her playing WoW in Damien’s room all afternoon, but she rushed out as soon as I arrived and turned it off. See, I am a positive influence. 🙂

And now I wonder who else might be reading this. Within an hour or two of my “Pigsty” rambling, Anton was busy at work cleaning the place up. He did a pretty reasonable job too, all by himself (as far as I saw)… the place isn’t going to win any awards, but the garbage bin is no longer overflowing, the sofa-bed is back in couch mode, all the crap on the floor swept away out of sight (hopefully in the bin, but that’s optimistic)… the sticky crap is still on the floor, but hey, couldn’t have too much of a good thing – I’d die of shock if I ever saw this place truly clean. 🙂

So, in case certain people are now aware of this journal, I’m extremely annoyed that I haven’t been getting a hot breakfast served to me in bed each morning… Very very grouchy… This injustice must end! … 😉

And for those keeping count, the grand total readership (that I know of) is now up to a colossal two. That Pulitzer prize will be mine in no time.. 😉

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