Today was a hodgepodge, without any clear highlights. Which is ironic, given I felt I got quite a bit done today. I got my ARC assignment handed in, all nicely bound in it’s 60 pages or so, as well as the INS assignment et al. I confirmed that my uni is going to be annoying … Read more

Purposefully mangling arrays of structs

It’s a pretty common scenario to have an array of some structs, where you frequently iterate through the array using only one field in the struct. This is a cache nightmare – memory is loaded into cache sequentially by prefetching, meaning you’re wasting all that bandwidth loading all the other fields of the struct that … Read more

iCal & AddressBook integration

I like the way iCal instantly updates it’s birthdays when you change them in AddressBook. That’s really good – completely painless. While it’s a pretty simple thing, it’s rarely done right, if at all – too many apps only update when you refresh the view, manually update, restart the program, etc… not good. Apple got … Read more