Paperwork, work, and composure


1) Got some of the paperwork done for my internship over summer, although the whole thing could potentially explode in my face. Tired of waiting around watching flights fill up and ticket prices soar, I went in today with the resolve to walk out with some plane tickets. And I did. And now I’m freaking over it (see the relevant entry in Ramblings). Oh dear.

Despite my misgivings now, I’m glad that I garnered the resolve to get everything done, swiftly and directly. I too often procrastinate and delay things unnecessarily – not so this time, and that’s good. Generally. I may have just picked a really bad time to develop this new level of assertiveness.

2) More thesis work. I’m writing a good few pages a day at present, which isn’t too bad… I think I’ll be hitting a big crunch around this time next week, but with each day of productivity I lessen the blow slightly. I won’t go into details yet again as to why this is a good thing… see the past half a dozen entries I’ve fluffed up with “work”. 🙂

3) Composed myself, eventually. I really was stressing out about the flight tickets once I got home… I kept counting the days in which it had to be done, and Brett wasn’t helping by reiterating why I was an idiot (he didn’t say or mean that of course, but pessimistically that’s where it’s all going 🙂 ).

I haven’t been that stressed in a long time… almost to the point of hyperventilating, or breaking down completely. I’m usually perpetually stressed a little, so I’m pretty good at hiding it or ignoring it. But this got on top of me for a moment. But, I managed to calm myself down, and am now feeling… well… calmer. Relative scale and all. 🙂

Strangely enough, the thing which really caused the turning point was when I started singing the Serenity theme song. It’s a beautiful song, with good music and heartfelt lyrics. Damien agrees with me on it’s strange catchiness. Just singing it a bit really did help. Ah, serenity… 🙂

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