Personal detective


I really wonder how much you can possibly learn about someone by looking at where they live. I mean, the Hollywood opinion on this is that all smart detectives can immediately deduce the favourite holiday destination of any crook they get a partial thumb print from, but of course reality is never so grand.

I ask this to myself because I just spent twenty minutes or so looking around one of my housemates room (just from the doorway; didn’t touch anything). I mean, I know him pretty well, yet I still don’t know what most of the contents of his room are for or from, or what they really say about him. You can gleam some themes – he’s got an interest in fantasy stuff (orcs & goblins style… nothing else 😉 )… but all these hand drawn sketches and so forth he has on his walls – I know most of them are gifts from friends, but what’s the story there? Is the sketch of a woman in lingerie from an ex-girlfriend? From a wannabe-girlfriend? Was it even drawn with him in mind? Perhaps he just happened upon the artist as it was finished, and as a gift it was entirely symbolic, not … what’s the word? Subjective?

I guess it’s really hard to ever know anyone, even if you hang around them a lot and know all those little “in” stories that come and go. I guess the ancestral question is why you need to…

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