Ravenshield on the brain


I had a really weird nightmare this morning. Damien & I were talking about Ravenshield last night, and I guess it stuck in my head.

Damien & I were two special forces guys, dropped onto a high-rise building via helicopter, in which there were a whole lot of bad guys, and a whole lot of hostages. Again, the influence of video games had a strong impact here – the exterior of the building was covered with inexplicable open areas, walkways, etc. And when we flew over sniping all the guys walking around aimlessly on the roof, none of them reacted to us or returned fire until we shot them, by which time it was too late. Typical.

Anyway, Damien & I started clearing the place out, doing all good. But for whatever reason, I didn’t have any extra ammo on my assault rifle (which looked kinda like the ones from Aliens) nor my pistol, while Damien had infinite ammo. Cheating bastard. 😉

And on top of that, every bad guy was taking a few shots to bring down. The first few would just stun them, but they’d keep walking and trying to fire back, in kind of slow motion. So I went through all my ammo very quickly, and had to resort to taking guns from the fallen bad guys – six-shooter revolvers and such. Not good (especially given the bad guys were all carrying assault rifles as well, yet inexplicably they weren’t available to me once I’d shot them… continuity error).

And then we were fighting through a hallway and three bad guys with two hostages came around the corner in front of us. Damien took down one, and I took down another with three bullets. Then the last came through with one of the hostages as a human shield. But I flanked him and shot him twice, trying to reserve the last bullet just in case a fourth bad guy appeared out of nowhere. But he didn’t go down – he just got angry and said “You’re going to regret that” in a really terrifyingly ominous way. I fired the last bullet into him, but to no effect. Damien wasn’t doing anything for some reason…. dunno, dream didn’t cover that. He was still alive and fine, but, not helping.

Anyway, the guy dragged the two female hostages – generic secretaries or something; not important – into one of the rooms next to me and I just knew he was going to shoot them. I was getting really freaked out – no ammo left, nothing I could seemingly do. I collapsed on the flaw in despair, and start screaming at Damien “Shoot her!”, getting hysterical. Damien’s just pointing his gun into the room and looking at me, wondering what the hell I’m going on about (the bad guy was a guy, btw), why I’m telling him to shoot the hostages.

Then it got kind of weird – the bad guy pushed a dog or something up against the window, as if to shoot it. Things are kinda blurry at that point, but Damien inevitably shoots him before anything happens, and the two hostages walk out – shocked but fine. And I feel immensely relieved.

And then wake up.

It’s the first dream like it, for me. Read into it as you will. 🙂

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