Return to Oz


It’s now only 9 weeks or so ’till Thanksgiving here, so I’m starting to think about when at least I’ll head on back to Australia. On a whim I happened to check Qantas’ flights for Thanksgiving and over Christmas. Cost for Thanksgiving, around $1200US. I was actually budgeting about $1800 in my head based on past experience, but of course hadn’t thought to do the the currency conversion, so I’m subsequently pretty happy to be underquoted so far. 🙂

In contrast, the cost for Christmas (covering Christmas and New Years, roughly two weeks) is $4000. Really.


If I adjust my departure & return dates by two days I can get that down by $1k… if I go another few days out I can shave off another $1k… but then it’s not as convenient, because I’d be arriving on Christmas day or something retarded, and returning well into January, meaning I’d have to take off a lot of time from work. No, I don’t think that’ll work at all. :/

‘course, I’ll need to check out other airlines, since Qantas is traditionally one of the most expensive… actually, it’d be cool to go via Japan this time, which is usually the cheapest too. So, we’ll see.

In terms of preference, cost aside, I’m still undecided as to which I’m going with… if I take Thanksgiving I can hit Tahoe for Christmas/NYE, get in some skiing and whatnot… but I’d probably only get one week at Thanksgiving…. but if I go to Oz for Christmas I’ll have nothing much to do for Thanksgiving, since I think that’s too early for skiing, and I couldn’t care less about the local festivities at that time. :/

Ahhh, decisions, decisions.

My other thought, of course, is to get over to Europe as well… two international trips only a few weeks apart seems a bit spoiling myself, though… and I could hypothetically afford it, but at the expense of paying off my car as fast as I’ve been hoping to. Damn damn damn…

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