So about this graduating business


A week or two ago I was checking over StudentOnline for some reason or another, and I came across a disturbing apparent fact: I need 690 credit points for my degree, have 595 (plus 15 from DIS, still not officially accounted for), and am currently enrolled in 75-worth… for the arithmetically impaired, that puts my total at the end of this year at 685. Five whole stupid points short.

This of course was cause for some distress on my part. I couldn’t see any way out, but I was pretty sure I’d made all the appropriate calculations at the start of this semester, knowing of course that it was my last chance to make any amends that might be necessary. And I’d checked at the start of this year as well, when doing this year’s enrolment. How had I managed to overlook this straight-forward requirement at least twice?!

So I set off to track down the people responsible, to try to both confirm my predicament and find a way out. The course advisor hasn’t gotten back to me, nearly a week now after emailing him, although in computer science time a week is nothing, so there’s still plenty of hope. I also visited the course admin (or somesuch) in the faculty office, whom I’m told has actual authority in these such things. She said they were going to go over every final year student’s progression late last week, so I should come back and visit later this week. She was also quite explicit in stating that while they didn’t much care what I did at uni, if I didn’t have enough credit points they weren’t really interested. Great.

So I’ve been patiently waiting for all these events to unfold. However, today I checked StudentOnline again to have a better look at things. And the outlook is rosier for my efforts – I had forgotten that, for some reason, I don’t have any credit for the first half of project yet, even though it’s officially a single semester subject, in first semester (stupid uni bureaucracy, I’m told). If we account for that as well as DIS and my current enrolment, that bumps me up by 105 points, 10 more than I need. Phew! 🙂

So of course I’ll go in to see the course admin nonetheless – to try and sort out DIS already, if nothing else – but it looks like I needn’t worry too much.

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