So, do you want my money or not?


So I got the usual response back, yadda yadda, boilerplate, insert generic statement here, another 30 days to pay. All the usual. Given I’m about to go overseas (hopefully :/ ) I don’t really need to deal with this now, so the easiest option – although it definitely doesn’t sit well with me – is to pay the fines for now and pursue the issue later, when I get back.

So, for the past two weeks I’ve been trying to do that. The first two times I rang them, I went through the standard computerised menus and then went into the queue waiting for a “customer service representative” or whatever they call themselves… after twenty minutes of dial tone (both times), I gave up.

I then tried again last Sunday, only to be booted off because they were closed. Boink.

I also tried this morning. Not only did it fail to put me through to anyone at all, but rather it seemed to transfer me to some random internal department – options included browsing the employee phone directory and speaking directly to tech support or somesuch.

I’ll try again tomorrow, perhaps – if I get through to that again, I’m going to start noting names and numbers… 🙂

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