Strawberry Fields


Back in high school all the girls used to use a deodorant called Strawberry Fields. Normal deodorants don’t have too much of a smell, of course, since you don’t want to stink more after applying than you did before. Not so with Strawberry Fields. It stank to high heaven. It was the sort of cheap and nasty perfume you’d expect a cheap whore to wear.

But I guess it appealed to that part of the female brain that likes shiny things, or more so that part which thinks boys like shiny things. There seems to be a fair correlation, in hindsight…

Anyway, I bring it up only because our house reeks of something which is, or smells very much like, Strawberry Fields. Laura uses it, and usually goes way overboard. Tonight’s the worst yet. She’s gone out to someone’s going away party. Judging by this massive dose of rankness, she’s sunk to a new level of desperateness.

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