iOS 7 first impressions

I found this post in the ‘Drafts’ folder from 2013 – evidently I started writing, got distracted, and forgot about it. It’s interesting to me even now because the aesthetics of iOS have been stuck in iOS 7 ever since.  I still don’t like the look, the design language, how many things operate – the … Read more

iOS Family Sharing users cannot mix authentication schemes

Apple supports two styles of two-factor authentication, that they call (and distinguish as) “two-step” vs “two-factor”.  “Two-step” is their older method, though functionally they’re basically equivalent. If you have multiple accounts on a Family Sharing arrangement, and some use “two-factor” while others use “two-step”, you’re in for a bag of hurt. For example, any time you change … Read more

Further iPad 3 notes

Battery life is indeed something of an issue. I can no longer just juice it for an hour or two a day, like with my iPad 2 – instead, it really needs all night to charge. And the battery life is at best the same as the iPad 2. So it doesn’t feel as untethered … Read more

Best viewed on an iPad 3

I really like the text rendering on my iPad 3.  Yes, it’s ostensibly much the same as the iPhone 4 I’ve had for a while.  But it’s not.  The relatively huge screen makes a world of difference. So I’ve changed the font of this ‘ere website to something that looks nicer on the iPad 3.  It … Read more