Yay! An actual outage! I’m a real blog now!

I woke up this morning to find that my website – this one – had gone down only a few minutes earlier.  The host’s website, Gandi.net, was acting flaky and not letting me log in either, so I figured it was a widespread issue on their end.

A few hours later, Gandi.net was working again, but my site wasn’t.  Sad panda.

Long story short, I used up all the disk space – and by “I”, I mean something – still haven’t figured out what, yet.  Apparently when you use up all the space, that simply kills the VM without any notification (their dashboard for my VM still claimed it was running just fine, no problems detected, which was obvious crap).

That said, their tech support identified the problem quickly and were ultimately able to rectify things for me (after first suggesting I delete some stuff myself, which I tried only to find that when your Gandi VM is wedged in this state, you can’t log in via SSH nor delete anything via SFTP, and those are your only two means for deleting any files…).

As far as I can recall, this is the first time my site’s actually been down in the ~four years I’ve hosted with them (other than a few errors on my part when messing with WordPress etc).

Four years & time for a new theme

It’s been a bit over four years since I moved this blog off of the old statically-built site, by iBlog 2, to WordPress.  Apparently it’s time for an updated theme.

Actually, Suffusion was pissing me off as per usual, and I accidentally applied a new theme when intending only to install it (apparently ‘Activating’ a theme applies it, which is sensible in hindsight but not as clear as it should be given how plug-ins work).  Turns out, you can’t easily go back – changing themes permanently wipes out a bunch of settings.  #%@!

And as per usual the backups plug-in I have installed had silently wedged itself and failed to back anything up for a couple of months.  Sigh.

WordPress is kinda shit.  It’s a mess.  A complicated, slow, buggy mess.  If I actually cared to spend any more time on this site, I’d start by looking for another platform.