iTunes Match

Urgh… the downside of a new iPad is that I now have to put up with the horrible process of getting my music onto it. In the so-called bad old days, I’d sync it to iTunes. It’d take an hour or two and then it’d be done. But that’s not how we do things in … Read more

iTunes Match for TV Shows is horribly broken

I was quite excited, after install iTunes 10.6, to see that a fair few of my TV shows show up as being available for “re-download”.  Silly me for assuming that meant they were available in 1080p as promised.  Some are.  Most aren’t.  iTunes happily downloads them again, with no way for me to tell ahead … Read more

WordPress doesn’t get time zones

WordPress apparently has no understanding of time zones, at least in the sense that makes sense – it displays all times in the local time of the viewer (at least, I hope it does… the alternative is that it displays all times as PST, which would be highly suspect). So all my old, imported posts, … Read more

Urgh, WordPress theming

Thus far this [long] weekend I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time just trying to make this look good.  Installing WordPress itself is trivial, but then finding a half-decent theme, and then getting that theme to look exactly the way you want, is immensely time consuming and frustrating. For example, I want icons for each … Read more