The guilty pleasures


Hmm…. I don’t know if I can get away with calling today a “hodgepodge”… I think a more accurate term would be “waste”. Entertaining, nonetheless – I wrapped up season 5 of Stargate, had a good ol’ bitch about evil women, and generally took it easy. Unfortunately I took it a little too easy to start with, sleeping in three hours later than desired, skipping my first class. D’oh. Turns out I accidentally set my phone’s alarm to PM instead of AM. sigh

I did play around with my Rotated Windows project a bit, so the whole day isn’t entirely a loss. I’ve now, with thanks from “a1c0r” (don’t blame me for his name), got it doing it’s groovy transitions (including the pinnacle of all transitions, the cube effect!) without blacking out the rest of the screen. Fantastic! It doesn’t do the window shadow properly during the transition, which is a real shame… I don’t understand why the shadow can’t be deformed along with the window, but, ah well…

The next step is to work with a1c0r on the CoreImage filter support that’s new in Tiger, in CoreGraphicServices… it looks like it should be possible to apply CI filters to windows… although that’s only a guess at this point; it remains to be seen whether that functionality really is there, and moreso whether it can be used by just ol’ anyone.

Oh, and of course I’ve started tapping Laura’s net connection for fun and profit. See the Ramblings section for details. Hopefully I’ll get something juicy out of it all in the next few days.

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