Yessir, I am very very sneaky, sir…


1) Hehe… I’m such a sneaky bastard. I’m going to use “finally writing one of these entries on the day itself” as one of my good things for today.

This is simply a product of me being in a good mood. I feel like writing about something happy before I lose the moment. 🙂

2) Thesis. I’m getting really tired of this entry, but only another few days and it’ll be over forever. And not a moment too soon. I’m so over uni for this year.

3) Paid for a tram ticket, even after the first tram completely ignored me and went straight pass, making me miss my thesis meeting. Well… I’m not actually sure this is a good thing. It’s some kind of automatic mechanism to reward compliance with The Man. Damn.

That’s about it though, unfortunately. If I hadn’t been an ass, I could have also added “wasn’t especially mean to Laura today”. She was actually in a reasonable mood and not ignoring me completely, but I couldn’t resist trying to get in some witty comment. It wasn’t even a good comment, anyway. What a waste.

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