So, apparently I graduated last week. Woot! I’ll have to throw myself a party. 😛

Dad sent through scans of the certificates, which I guess arrived in the Mail recently. I now am actually undeniably certified as a Computer Scientist and and Electronic Engineer. (I say “certified”, not “qualified” 😉 )

So that’s cool… I’d more or less forgotten about all that stuff; the last six months of uni I just wanted to graduate simply so I could get over here to California, so, once I got here it wasn’t on my mind anymore. Although I was wondering only a few days ago when the graduation stuff would come through.

And I also got a book voucher for McGill’s Books Store. In Melbourne. D’oh! 😀

Ah well, who wants a $100 book voucher, for the bargain price of only $100 + postage&handling… 😉

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