Killing time


I didn’t get up to much today, in terms of exciting, extraordinary events. Mostly I was working on the Keychain framework… there were mostly-brief periods of Halo & Starcraft, but I was coding mostly, honest.. 😉 By dinner time I’d had enough of Xcode for one day, so I nipped off to see Resident Evil 3. It wasn’t too bad… much like the first two… I thought it might have a bit of a Mad Max feel to it, given the trailer, but not really… ah well.

Long story short, pretty much everyone dies, and the ending fight with the uber-bad-guy is both short and unimpressive… I mean, the bad guy looks like one of the Flood grunts from Halo… not exactly the epitome of ultimate toughness, fear and challenge. Pfft. The lickers from the first two movies were far more interesting.

Anyway… I also checked out eMusic last night, because Netflix were offering free songs from them, and I thought it might be nice to grab an album or two from Arcade Fire and whatnot. I did that, but then discovered that they provide no warning you’re about to go over your trial number of songs, and thus was immediately billed. Awesome. They also counted against my quota two songs which failed to download. Nice.

So, damage done (30 songs for $10, their minimum purchase unit) I found a few other things to use up the remaining credit… I can’t even remember what I bought now… I applaud eMusic’s DRM-free goodness, but their website doesn’t really hold a candle to iTMS in aesthetics or functionality, and their collection – while having a surprising amount of mainstream stuff, if you have the patience to trawl – was nonetheless vastly padded with artists and bands I’ve never heard of before. It took a good hour to select 60 or so songs, representing only about 5 albums or so… way too much work. :/

And so there is my day. Tomorrow’ll probably involve much the same, although again I suspect I’ll nip out to the movies – Good Luck Chuck looks amusing.

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